Sunday, June 21, 2009

Three in One Day

Yesterday was Hooligan's 3rd birthday; the introduction of our newest granddaughter to this bunch of her relatives
and the first rugby test against the British and Irish Lions -
So we did our family thang: everyone who could -
(we missed you DSIL1) -
congregated here and we ate and drank and all talked at the same time.
We watched Hooli rejoice over his new stuff

He nearly imploded with embarrassment when we sang Happy Birthday to him -

We shouted at the rugby ref; sweated blood when it looked as though we were going to throw away the game and were abusive about the coach's tactics.

We also did some serious 'new baby adoring' -

What a treasure trove of memories Thanks guys!


Hayley said...

Those are the best days arent they?

You have a beautiful family!

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
And me of dual nationality had hedged my bets for the Rugger!! clever me! ;-)

Lynette said...

What a warm loving family. I am sure it just makes your heart swell with pride!

Meriel said...

Wall to wall love hey - delicious.

I thought of you last night. My little Brad was saying prayers and ended off "Um, and well Happy Fathers Day - cos you are our Father. Amen"

He likes to say A-men not AR-men. He thinks it sounds more Christian. ;-)

Kate said...

Looks like it was such a happy day!

Shayne said...

A house filled wall to wall with people you love - what could be better than that.

Gill said...

What a perfect way to spend an afternoon!!

Chez said...

Have not checked in here for yonks but in doing so I smile with glee. It is however these happy pics of big families having fun that makes me wish for it too. Miss mine! ENJOY and EMBRACE it. It's a blessing :)