Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Doing the Stuff

Today I refer you to a friend's post - entitled Precious Treasure.
It impacted me greatly; so I offer it for others to read.
I have known for years the girl who wrote this - she is no flake, trust me. Anyway, read what she has to say: see if it inspires you, excites you, baffles you, or maybe causes skepticism, or even ridicule -
One thing is for sure - it will not leave you cold


Shayne said...

Allie, this is not the first time I have heard of this "Treasure Hunt". My eligible batchelor neighbour goes to a very charasmatic church in East London - and they were told of it there. He has spoken of it many many times.

I think for those that do not believe this must be very hard to stomach, but for us that do? Just proves once again how much God cares and loves us.

allie said...

It is absolutely new to me.

I agree that it will very very hard for some to deal with - many odd things have happened over the years in the church.
We judge things by their fruit, don't we? and this seems to honour Christ and draw people towards Him.

I look forward to hearing more about it -

Lynette said...

I loved Kate's post. Don't know if I would have the boldness of the Joshua Gen folk.

I am with you with judging things by their fruit and whether it draws people to Christ.

Kate said...

Hee, hee - we seem bold, but we were all so nervous until we saw our clues were right!

Funny :-)