Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writing? - not so much

Apologies - I am experiencing another blog-low-productivity season. Totally enjoying my life but don't feel like writing about it. Maybe its got something to do with the fact that I have picked up my paintbrushes again For the first time for ages? Chat later


Simply-Mel said...

Yes, I get that - I cant scrap and blog. Its an either or for me too.

Am also slow on the blog front - but all for good reasons!

Lynette said...

Just relax and enjoy the sunny weather you are having right now. I will e-mail you.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

know the feeling...

Shayne said...

me too - but it's ok - we understand.

come back soon?

would love to meet up - would it work for you?

allie said...

Thanks peeps!
Mel, perhaps we have a problem with multitasking.
Hehe - am ducking!

Lynette, will wait eagerly for your email - I love your letters :-)

Jacki - ja, you have just had a long blog-blegh, haven't you?

Shayne - thanks for the understanding and - aha. .

Meriel said...

I'm down to pictures and one liners. but if i could paint, i'd rather do that.

Lovely to hear you're loving your life Allie x x x

Kirsty said...

ditto for me.... just not enough hours in the day for blogging! Between seeing patients, looking after kids, unpacking boxes, painting walls (gggrrrr)... blogging just doesn't even make it onto the list! x