Saturday, June 27, 2009


Sheesh I am limp! DH and I have just finished watching our rugby guys beat the Poms by a hair's breadth in the last few minutes. I am limp with relief that they pulled it off - And with irritation that our coach does not play his best players until the last 10 minutes. Whats that about!
Anyway, my hero Morne Steyn,

was eventually brought on to the field

and at last, kicking points started mounting up! At least I had lots of lekker Springbok biltong to shovel down while I was coping with my many anxious moments.

Which always helps.



Kirsty said...

I *heart* Morne!!
Hubby was at the game with some english mates out in sa for the lions tour! The cheeky sms's I was subjected to for the whole game suddenly dried up with about 10 minutes left on the clock... wonder why? x

allie said...

I *heart* him too.

And the victory was all the sweeter because of the Pom attitude for the first 65 mins.

Hayley said...

I agree whats up with the coach...and as for Schalk (and I love Schalk)...such an idiot!!!

allie said...

Ja, Hayley - I don't even want to get started on the coach - flip, what was he thinking!
Can't say I *heart* Schalk at all.
He is a wild child -
He had a great season a few years ago and since then he just seems to reap yellow cards with gay abandon.
And gouging!? Sheessh - really, NO NO NO - not ok.