Thursday, July 9, 2009

And You?

Here's another of "those" questionnaire thingies. This time I'm going to do the unusual and tag people. Check below to see if you are one of them - I am: too intense but love funny people I have: great memories of growing up I know: less than i thought i did when i was 20 I think: a lot, about many things I don't think: I could stop being that way I want: to live the life I was crafted for I have: a close family I like: hanging out with DH; just doing random things I dislike: rush, noise, phoniness, pollution I hate: lies I dream: of writing something that will help people I fear: my own lack of follow-through I am annoyed: by mozzies divebombing me at night I crave: sweet things in the evenings I usually: give in to the craving I search: for truth I hide: frown lines under my fringe I wonder: why people like Paris Hilton are famous I know: less than I'll know tomorrow I just can't help: gravitating to my computer I regret: being afraid of so many things in the past I love: the life I have been given I can't live without: people, silence, lipgloss, sunshine, moisturiser I try to: be there for people I care about I enjoy: everyday life I don't care: if my grandkids mess in my home I always: expect the best I never want to: stop learning and growing I rely on: the character of God - and on DH I believe: I will see Christ face-to-face one day I dance: at the thought I sing: not well but fervently I argue: logically. Well, I think so anyway I write: because I love it I win: seldom but I don't mind that I lose: my cool when people jump red robots I wish: I were more disciplined I listen: between the lines I don't understand: many things but am learning to embrace mystery I'm scared of: missing opportunities I forget: the most basic things sometimes: like buying milk and bread. I am happy: most of the time Love, allie. Now the question is ... Who are YOU: Mel Shayne Robin's Perch girl Lynette Kate ??


Lynette said...

Allie, when I read this I know one thing for sure....I NEED to meet you:) I will post later today.

Kate said...

Ooh yay, my first Tag! It was fun. Thanks!

I will email you the map soon! Its in my purse, which has not been in my bag all week and I keep forgetting to grab it in the mornings!

Love xx

allie said...

I'm also looking forward to meeting you, Lynette.
I think we have much to share. . .

Kate, I loved your meme -the "in" word for the list you did ;-) -
Hope everyone goes to have a look

Kirsty said...

Oh - thanks for the non-tag!!! Hee hee! May just yag myself anyway 'cos I'm outta blog fodder!
You see - I gotcha hooked on lipgloss...yeah, I saw that slipped in there, it didn't escape my lipgloss radar!

allie said...

Damn - I don't know how I could have left you out Kirsty!
MAke sure you do it -
And let us all know, k?

allie said...

Oh and more - I'm am SOOO hooked on lipgloss now its not funny.
Its all your fault