Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Thinking about the word "Universe"
One word for such vastness; such splendor; such drama; such beauty
Uni = One.
Verse = One piece of poetry*
I can't help thinking how it was that God spoke the worlds into being.
Isn't it a lovely thought that
His words may have been a
single piece of
exquisite poetry?
The "big bang" concept by contrast seems almost blasphemous when applied to such
beauty . . .
Big Question:
Deep space is dark, black.
There is no water
No air.
But all these look as though
there were a spotlight on them.
What is the spotlight?
Where does all the light come from?
*Collins Dictionary


jacki janse van rensburg said...

i don't think 'big bang' is blasphemous. to me it illustrates how GOD created it all out of nothing, as in: first there was nothing, and then poof, there was everything...

allie said...

Interesting way of merging the two ways of looking at things, Jacki.
I like it

Lynette said...

Wow...It is so BIG and to think God is in it and around it!

Kate said...

Shew - are those pics real?? Amazing!

God did say that He reveals Himself to us in Nature and has hidden knowledge of Himself inside of man - these pictures almost prove the nature part of that statement!

allie said...

Lynette, the heavens are the part of Nature that speak the loudest of the greatness of God to me.
I think, judging by the Old Testament, it has been that way for many people over the ages.

Dunno Kate
I got the pics off the internet so obviously they must be real *grin*

Seriously, I have seen others that are similar in more scientific scenarios so I have put these up in good faith.
Awesome aren't they?!