Friday, July 17, 2009

Be jealous, very jealous

DD2 (known to some of you as Melb) and I met up with another blogging friend today
I lurve meeting blog-buds!
(Just recently we spent a fabulous morning getting to know Shayne and a couple other bloggers/scrappers at Manuka's)
It's fun to see if they are anything like the idea you have formed of them.
Today we met Ness of Drover's Run - the techno genius, cyber-giant girl.
She always made me laugh with the quick wit and clever writing on her blog, but I was a bit intimidated by her knowledge of all things technical.
As it turns out, all that expertise hasn't stopped her from being a fun and warm person who is really nice to be around.
Our venue was Kirstenbosch gardens;
probably one of the most beautiful places on the planet;
the weather was freakily exquisite - (I had to apply sunscreen twice, and removed 3 of my 4 layers of clothing!);
the lattees were good;
and the kids were amazingly good.
All in all, a great time.
Pics will follow, hopefully.
By the way, is anyone else experiencing a dearth of comments?
Or is it just me??


Susan said...

I LOVE meeting blogging friends. I've missed "visiting" with you via your blog. Hope you're well.


Lynette said...

I love Kirstenbosch...haven't been there in ages. Will have to go on my "places to go list" for December.

Shayne said...

that's the one place we didn't go! perhaps it can be where we all meet in dec (we're down for xmas).

and yes, severe dearth of commentors.

whatsup withem you think?

allie said...

It sounds as though December might be a good time for a Bloggers-Get- Together in Cape Town.

What do you think - shall we start planning for it?
With sunscreen, hats, shoe-string tops, and long cold drinks.

No idea why so few commenters -
Must say I hate it though . . .

Kirsty said...

So with you on the comment famine!! What is that all about? Oh - and I'm in for a meet up in kirstenbosch in December. So... who's gonna sponsor my ticket?? ;-)

Lynette said...

Whooo hooo...Kirstenbosch here we come....:)

Shayne said...

right - i'm in. have pencilled it in!

looking forward to it!

Gill said...

The dearth of comments is 'cause I was away....I'm baaaack!!