Saturday, July 18, 2009


This was me.
(See sidebar quip)

I'm going to write this very quietly because I'm scared I might jinx it

I am enjoying cooking at the moment

And I am making great food.
This is a modern day miracle
Long may it last!
Do I hear hearty 'Amens' from DH?
Ohhhh ja!


Shayne said...

ok but you have to share what it is you're cooking?

you - feed the senses?


allie said...

Slowly Shayne!
I still have to get to the "Allie doing recipes" thing.
So far I can't even think about that yet - but hey! anything is possible :-)

Lynette said...

LOL! I remember a year ago when our domestic of 15 years passed away and suddenly I was thrown back into so sucked! Now I frequently cook two meals and freeze the one for the lazy days that are sure to follow.

Hayley said...

Like the the new header!
Enjoy the cooking!!!!

Shayne said...

sorry about the pressure - just wanted to know what you were cooking!

Kate said...

Well lets hope that I catch some of what you've got! I am the worst when it comes to cooking. I am not terrible at it, I just don't love the mission of it.
Luckily my husband knew from the start he wasn't marrying the cook-everyday-type, ha, ha!
Thank goodness for his easy going personality!

Susan said...

Maybe there's hope for me yet! I actually don't "mind" it when I have time to plan it out. I can't wait to hear some of what you're making.

:-) Susan