Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blows Your Hair Back

Christ-follower Content Ahead.
I am thrilled! Just come back from buying the dvd's and leader's guide
for the course
"Jesus, the One and Only" -

I am not usually into the whole "courses" thing, but this is special. A group of us did it earlier in the year and I loved it so much that I decided then and there to facilitate a group in my area as soon as I could. Which is now. I'm so looking forward to doing this I could bust! The thought of sharing all that has blown my hair back is exhiliarating.


Ness @ Drovers Run said...

I like your disclaimer...WARNING JESUS STUFF AHEAD..ha ha ha. Just thought that was funny. Glad you're looking forward to your course. My mom is *big* on Solly Osrovech.

Lynette said...

I also had a little giggle when I read the disclaimer. If I lived near you I would have been in your group...that is for sure.

Kate said...

Ooh! Wish I could come! x

allie said...

Solly is amazing too, Ness.
I wonder if your Mom knows that he used to be the dominee of the DRC right here in FH?
Also that he is a Jewish man?
I always think it is so special when Jews recognize that Jesus is their long awaited Messiah.

Lynette and Kate, be sure that you two would have been right up there with the top invitees if it were possible.
(There's that word: 'invitation' again!)