Friday, August 21, 2009

Crisis Management

Its DH's birthday today. True to form, I rushed out late yesterday afternoon to find him a prezzie. Now I know that all you organized, not to say anal, types, will be gasping in horror Because you would have been planning the par-tay for months and would have been searching for the perfect gift for your beloved for ages But that is you - and this is me Crisis management for presents and arrangements are part of our family's DNA We have been known to give presents weeks or even months after their due date Anyway- And here we are around 7pm, each at our own computer (in different rooms) still not having decided what we are going to do to celebrate. Maybe dinner (sushi?) and see The Hangover? Maybe stay at home, have great pasta and watch rugby? Hmmm Decisions, decisions Ok - we are going to do the second option Partly because DH wants to see the rugby and partly because it is FLIPPIN FREEZING!


Meriel said...


if i knew i would have arranged mini-pavlovas for him too.

tut tut

Laura said...

This is me! I usually get the gift on the way to the party!

But I am organised in other areas - sometimes!

Happy happy to your hubby :)

allie said...

One rebuke comment and one fellow-feeling comment to temper it :-)

I absolutely KNOW you are the organised-well-before-the-time kind, M.
And I agree - it IS terrble.
No excuse for it really
Maybe I will have a change of heart here too (like the cooking thing)
In the meantime, I will bear the mini-pav's offer in mind for next year.

Laura - thanks for being the same as me in this area anyway
Strange how that makes me feel better :-)
And tx for good wishes too

Lynette said...

Afraid I am also not one of the super organised people. Men are so hard to buy for anyway. Hope you had a good evening watching rugby.

Kirsty said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Allie!
My husbank had his birthday in July... his present is still in the mail...hahahahah

Gill said...

I am also completely hopeless when it comes to birthday presents and as for parties...... So glad I am not alone!!!