Thursday, August 20, 2009

*Lipgloss AA*

Hullo My name is allie And I'm a lipgloss addict. Dunno how it happened, or when it started But there it is. Actually I blame Kirsty She put the idea in my head with one of her posts. But I doubt she'll acknowledge guilt for it. Its a pretty scary thought I mean, I have always said about people with tattoos That they would regret it when they get old Having to move the crepey bits out of the way so they can get the full picture, you know But heck man Imagine When I'm 80 Wearing lipgloss. . . Or no Perhaps don't. I wonder if there will be a lipgloss AA by then.


Meriel said...

funny Allie. making me laugh.

Kirsty said...

OK, OK - I'll admit it!! It's all my fault. You see - where I go, others follow.... I didn't make you do it, did I? I just introduced you to each other. So, it's not really my fault, I'm not a lipgloss pusher, kay? It's not like I"M making any money out of it anyway. Now where's a lancome rep when you need them, hey?
I'm rambling, are you confused yet? Me too!

I'm so not a blogger said...

heehee, Love it!

Joanne said...

I would love lipgloss if i could find one that didnt attract my hair, come on Allie surely your hair gets stuck to the stuff when you walk out the door?

Shayne said...

So ....

which do you think is worse:

having to imagine standing on a
(half) dead frog at 6am;


imagining you at 80 with lipgloss?

you are so funny and i love having you in my computer!

don't go.


allie said...

LOVELY FUNNY comments!
I seriously love you guys.

Confess now - don't you just love it when you hear you've made people laugh?
So M, ISNAB, Kirsty and Shayne thanks for making my day.

Kirsty - I KNEW you would duck the blame. Your guilt shows in your confused speech.
I rest my case.

Shayne - your comment had me in hysterics
And I ain't going nowhere. See?
Am staying right here in your computer :-)

Jo - the trouble with addiction is that you do it ANYWAY.
I mean, a cokehead doesn't give up his habit cos it blows all over the place if he takes it out in the wind now, does he?

Lynette said...

LOL...I thought your post was funny until I read the comments. Thank you for making me laugh...maybe we have to start a random anonomous...for all of us with our addictions. Hallo I am Lynette and I am a scrapoholic:)

allie said...

All together now. . .
Halloooo Lynette!

Laura said...

hahahaha you and my daughter both - she has loads! I buy her one everytime I go out!