Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just When You Thought You'd Heard It All

DH's story today: Another one of those truly Saffrican, 'blow your mind bizarre' incidents: For kilometres along a nearby stretch of highway, the neighbouring properties of semi- farmland are protected from the passing traffic (people and cars) by brand new fencing: that kind of green plastic coated criss-cross wire fencing. A couple of days ago, it was reported to Cape Talk Radio that someone was calmly cutting up this fencing, rolling it up neatly into a 'borrowed' supermarket trolley and taking it home. The radio reported it to the local cop shop and the guy was taken into custody but something of the brazen cheek of it strikes me as hysterical. The irony! The fence is there to keep people from stealing. So the guy steals the fence! Oh good grief! Bwhahahahaaa I'm sorry I know But I can't help it It just makes me laugh


Shayne said...

Bad girl for laughing.

But yup, only in SA!

If it wasn't him someone else would have done it!

Laura said...

bwhahaha that is rather amusing!

Not sure what is more worrying - the fact he was stealing or the fact he did it so openly!

Lynette said...

Sjoe...this is amusing and at the same time it is shocking. To steal so openly...only happens in SA.

Shiny said...

I love it. He probably wanted fencing to keep his chickens in... fair enough. I have finally put a pic of the babies up, just for you

Shiny x