Monday, September 7, 2009


Sometimes we (DH n me) are like two kids. No, not how you may be thinking - not the cute silly high jinx kind of kidstuff. But the childish and pouty kind. Like last night: I had had a headcold day of note, the ugly messy kind. I hibernate when that happens anyway - even more nowadays, when people look at you in horror if you sneeze As though they are sure you are killing them. So I was looking forward to some company and more so, some good ole fashioned sympathy, when DH came home last night. "Oh SHAME bokkie" does wonders for me. And "What can I bring you?" even more. Guess what? He (who had been playing in the WP Vets Squash Champs all afternoon - and who IS playing today and tomorrow again) hobbles into the house, complaining about his sore heel. Limping and groaning Telling poor sick me how hungry he is and how much pain he is suffering. I wanted to scream "I keeeeel you!" "I'm sicker than you are sore! YOU make ME food!" "And BRING it to me on my couch." Hope its not 2nd childhood Might be quite dangerous to have two toddlers loose in the house without supervision


Lynette said...

heehee..."I keeeellll you indeed". Know just how you feel. I just want to feel sorry for myself now and then and I also expect DH to play along on those few times:)

Meriel said...

ha ha ha ha - oops.

oh how i can relate.

Kirsty said...

hahahahaha!!! Sooooooooo true!! Men always take the crown!! No fair.
Send your husbands heel to me - I'll fix it! ;-)

Shayne said...

ha ha

i hear you loud and clear.

am still suffering with my bliming cold and feeling grim.

no sympathy - as he is also sick?

no fair.

he did go and fetch kids from school tho for me, so i suppose that counts.

i hope you asked how his squash went?

I'm so not a blogger said...

heeheehee! Ah the childish feelings of being adult;-)

Laura said...

bwahahaha I have been doing alot of this lately! Cos we have all been sick so no sympathy has been forth coming - not even from my mom!

Susan said...

Oh Allie, this just convinces me that marriages are not all that different in the rest of the world! I can so be a "toddler' sometimes and only pray it's not at the SAME time as my DH. Hope you're both on the mend soon!

Tamara said...

Bwahahahaha... that could so be me and my hubby ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Wenchy said...

I even laughed out loud!