Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Manic ramblings

This is my 3rd day of solitary confinement. Before you yummy mummies start fainting with envy at all my personal space, time and silence, remember that this is enforced. Albeit by moi. Knowing how I feel about sneezers and suchlike in these swine flu-fraught days, I anticipate massive personal rejection if I venture into the mainstream while I am so nasually liquid. Hence - me, here, alone, today, again. There is a good chance that I will post 10 times today just because, when I do, it feels as though you blogbuds are here; drinking coffee and talking about everything and nothing with me. I wonder if I need institionalization? Been up since 3am - thats cos we went to bed at 9.
Seemed like a good idea at the time but obviously, not so much.
Coz by 3am I had had my 6 hours and my bod was like:
"Ok morning now"
Instead of replying: "Aw shuddup!" and ignoring it like any normal person would have done, I got up.
What was I thinking!
Before I go, I must just tell you two things:
1) Last night DH brought flowers home, plus made supper Oh joy!
And that was before he read yesterday's post
He laughed like a drain (why a drain, I wonder?) when he did read it though.
Gotta hand it to the guy.
2) This morning 5.30am, I was interrupted (blogging!) by my cell phone ringing.
Who rings at 5.30am?
DH, thats who
From his bed upstairs, asking for coffee!
Who am I?
The butler?
I took it to him, hey
The man is actually a star


Shayne said...

That's hilarious. phoneing you for coffee.

rest nicely and get better soon. i'm still snotty which is so not fun. but cannot rest no more.


Kate said...

Go buy Ted Dekker's Circle Triology to read while you are confined! I have LOVED them - amazing, amazing reads! Read all 3 this week end, could not put them down.

Hope you get better soon. xx

Lynette said...

I wish I could just get up when I wake up (seemingly) in the middle of the night.

My DH has done that with me already...and he was lucky I answered because normally I am not a "phone person".

I loved reading this post...I wish I lived around the corner from you:)

Simply-Mel said...

I will come visit! I aint afraid of no swine.

I have dads genes...i regularly 'call down' for tea, a snack or asking the man to changed the channel on the decoder! He is very gracious. I am keeping him.

The only way I know you are a bit under the weather is that you spelt institutionalised wrong! wahahahaha!

Ness @ Drovers Run said...

Hubby and I also sms one another for stuff - had a laugh when I read about the call. Considering our house is quite small, and all single story - it IS a bit ridiculous - but then we have sleeping kids to keep asleep - so no YELLING for stuff :)

Kirsty said...

well.... it's 3pm and this is still the only post of the day. This must mean:
a.) you caved in and had your afternoon zzzz's
b.) You caved in and faced the masses with a swine-flu alert badge on your top
c.) You really have the piggy flu and have been hospitalised
d.) All of the above
e.) None of the above

allie said...

HA Kirsty - we obviously crossed in the post!
Blame the flppin uploading of the pics - say no more!

Rambler said...

I'm here... I'm here...

I haven't read many blogs of late. Life is spinning a bit...

but... I'm here... I'm here...


Laura said...

One of my best friends husbands once called her from the house to ask her to turn the music down - we were sitting outside listening to music!

I wouldnt mind some solitary confinement - minus the 5h30 phone calls though :)