Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pic Post

This is possibly a "gag" post so be aware.
I decided to leave the blinds drawn on the siff weather today and post pics of some things that make me smile.
There are many more things of course, but you bloggers know that there is just so much time you can spend on uploading pics before you want to chew your own elbow in frustration.
So - SD, SS, JD and JS and your spouses, you also make me happy.
Are we clear?
In no particular order then
(mostly cause I can't be asked to move the pics around)
Family gatherings
Travelling - specially in Europe
Us Senior granddaughter DH cooking!
Next lot of grandchildren - funky kids all

Friends for 60 years!

And for 20 years - these girls deserve a medal

Our tiniest grandchildren. Of course there are STAX of other things, like newer friends, summer, wine, music and painting, red poppies, good hair days, long phone conversations (with friends not government officials), stuff like that.
But right now, I need tea


Simply-Mel said...

happy post! yay. I plan to break your solitude tomorrow, if not only to save your computer from overheating!!


Shayne said...

Clearly you are very bored - i don't think you ever posted as many pics.

are you at least feeling better after all of this?

and no comment from you regarding the bookclub?

why would that be?

allie said...

Thanks Mel- that would be lekker.
And my computer thanks you too
Thoroughly overworked, it says.

Um Shayne - I'm not sure how an online bookclub works actually.
Also I think my selections wouldn't be most people's cupcake.
I tend to read semi-teaching books like the Sacred Romance; Velvet Elvis etc

Not sure if I would fit in.

Meriel said...

i'm also not sure how online club works but you wrote such a popular post about Sacred Romance that we all loved and learnt from - so i reckon you would be a great asset

Laura said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful and your friends aswell :)

60 year friendship - that is AWESOME!

Terry said...

That was very nice Allie! You have a lovely family and friends.
God Bless

Joanne said...

How can you be friends with someone for 60 years? I am trying to do the math x

allie said...

@ Meriel - thanks for the vote of confidence. Maybe when you and I find out how it works, I can rethink it.

@ Laura - I agree. But then I am biased ;-)

@ Terry - thanks a lot - and blessings to you also.

@ Jo - its easy really - we met in Sub A (Grade 1) when I was 5.

Kirsty said...

wow - such gorgeous grandchildren! Must take after their fave granny ;-)
65??? You don't look a day older than 35 x

jacki janse van rensburg said...

such nice pics! thanks for sharing.

hope you are better. i love all the posts, though.

and DH looks nice. what is the name of the 60-year friend? she looks familiar.

Lynette said...

You have a beautiful family and I want to look as good as you when I am big:)

As for the bookclub...I think you would FIT RIGHT IN. I would love to read your reviews on spiritual books.