Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Me First

I've come to the conclusion that the "Human Rights" concept is basically smoke and mirrors. It simply is unworkable And before anyone get all hot and bovvered about that statement, let me explain. I think the initial idea was good and much needed: many people are degraded, unfairly treated, voiceless and defenceless. This was supposed to help them and it did. But, as they say, extremity leads to error, and it has become extreme and in the process, a little silly. As well as downright damaging. Because in the end it comes down to someone's rights having to overrule someone else's rights. Just a small example: In our mountainside area, someone wanted to built a huge house which would obscure many people's sea view. Residents objected, saying he would obscure their view thus reducing the value of their properties. He replied that he had bought the plot and he had every right to build whatever house he pleased there.
I bet everyone knows dozens of stories like this one.
Whose 'right' is going to prevail?
Isn't it ultimately going to be the ones with the loudest mouths, the fattest wallets or the most influential friends?
Its literally dog eat dog and
Every man for himself.
The idea of considering someone else, and respecting their point of view has vanished.
Not any more "Love your neighbour" but
" Trash the neighbour if he gets in your way"
The ancient Babylonians had as their centrepoint:
"I am, and there is none beside me"*
Are we living slap bang in the middle of a new Babylonian era?
Because isn't that really the thinking that "Human Rights" entrenches?
* Isa 47:8, 10


Lynette said...

Sjoe, just up my alley right now...with My Utmost daily devotion being the whole "my right to myself versus having Jesus as the center of my life and I am only a bond servant".

It is Human Rights that is behind the whole lack of discipline in schools and most homes today and respect for elders have vanished. End times?

Meriel said...

people obsessed with their own personal rights not their sense of obligation or contribution.

sad hey.

it was not always like that.....

Terry said...

Unfortunately, all of this is a product of the "ME" generation. Society has been taught that it's all about ME and no one else. Their rights override your rights so get over it. It's a sad world we live in today! I truly think we are getting close to the Rapture!

Susan said...

Very insightful and true in so many ways.

Thanks for sharing.


allie said...

Thanks for input, guys.

Isn't it sad that the ME -centredness that Human Rights entrenches means that there will never be peace?
Not in personal relationships, not in national or international ones.

Outside Christ, that is - it becomes increasingly obvious how counter-cultural His viewpoint is, doesn't it?

Joanne said...

One of the topics covered in the movie Rich Friends with Jennifer Aniston, that part of the movie was very moving for me. Watch it, although I have heard people tell me they didnt enjoy the movie and what can I say, I loved it.