Thursday, October 1, 2009

La Shoes

I will let la shoes speak for themselves


Kate said...

ha, ha - they said volumes!

Are they yours or Mel's?

Wish I could wear heels, but if I do I am taller than Ian - not a fan of that!

allie said...

If they had been Mel's I would have been too green eyed to have posted their pic on my blog!
Nope - mine, all mine.

Having said that, it was a wildly unwise buy - I haven't worn heels for years (its a back thing) but I could not resist these.
Will wear them in small doses.

Have started the process of self tan for toes already
Can't have lily white toes in these!

Simply-Mel said...

Niiiice. We have good taste ne? Lucky they didnt have my size Mommy dear! xx

Shayne said...

They are gorgeous. I love them.

I have a weak ankle so shouldn't wear high heels but cannot resist as i'm so blimming short.

You'll have to post a pic of them shoes in action (along with the tanned toes).


Susan said...

Wow, they DO speak for themselves. I couldn't wear them, but admire those who can and DO!

:-) Susan

Gill said...

Goooorgeous!! I can't wear heels, too unco-ordinated :-(

Gill said...
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Joanne said...

Give me flats any day. I do believe that gay women are often referred to as 'the one that wears comfortable shoes'

allie said...

@ Mel - yup, I know we do :-)

@ Shayne - I shouldn't either. Am already having back twinges but oh! the shoes are worth it. (I may regret that statement)
Mel has the pics on her cam and has mislaid her cable so it maybe a while before you can see the two red-shoed posers in Blogland

A Susan and Gill - you guys are the sensible ones. I will probably have to re-enter that zone soon. Then I'll put my shoes in a display cabinet and drool over them.

@ Jo - I am hoping that your two comments are unrelated, specially since 99% of the time, I will go for comfortable shoes!

Kirsty said...

hmmm - am so not a shoe girl, but.... those are kick ass sexy heels!!
Oh - and you and shayne... keep wearing the heels ladies... it keeps people like me in business, ya know!!! ;-)

allie said...

@ Kirsty - YUp, sexy there are. AND - *sigh* We know. We know. Don't rub it in, killjoy!

Lynette said...

Oh those are to die for! After my back surgery they are off limits to me...but I can still admire and drool!