Tuesday, November 17, 2009


You 'member I was talking about the TV program 'Starting Over' a couple of days ago? Well, in today's eposode, one of the women came completely unglued. She suddenly realised that she had been very angry all her life (she's 40) and had disguised it so well that she herself didn't even know that anger was her problem. And the reason for her anger? Her father had left her when she was a tiny child and had never, in 40 years, tried to find her. She had convinced herself she didn't care, didn't need him or anyone else. Today, the truth emerged - and the healing can begin. What struck me forcibly, was how our big Father never never stops looking for His children: He came in Person to find us: never gives up searching out those who are His, even if they have turned their backs on Him. So sad that some never see Him that way . . .

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Susan said...

It's amazing the power of the father/daughter relationship and it's connection to our spiritual lives.