Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have lost my camera! Aaaaarrrgh . . . The chances are good, if you are reading this, that you are a blogger yourself. So I don't need to tell you what a huge disaster this is for moi. Yes, I know. I sound like a spoilt brat. In a world of xenophobia, corruption, crime and general mayhem, my cam-loss is still a very big deal to me. So shoot me. (Er, no. On second thoughts, I can't say stuff like that in SA, can I? Someone might) Anyhoo, I have high hopes that husbank (with a nod in Kirsty's direction) will remedy the situation on his trip to Europe next week. Just in case, I have told him: "something simple please, but that takes GREAT pics"


Kate said...

I would add in a "pink" pre requisite as well :-)

Bummer for the loss. I would be sad too.

Shayne said...

Would it make you feel less than a brat if i told you that i didn't pull the plug out of the wall quick enough this morning and DH's pc was hit by lightning?

So i feel super kak right now.

And yup, I agree with Kate - a pink camera would def be seriously cute and also a bit Kugelish!

Lynette said...

Ohhh then it is time for an upgrade...put a CANON on the shopping list...simple to use and great photos!

Kirsty said...

You need direct instructions for husbank to operate properly:

Give this to him in written format:

1x pink canon IXUS camera
1x diamond ring
1x Louis Vuitton bag
1x pair of Jimmy Choo's
1x combine harvester
Thanks darling! If you can't get all of those on the list, then just settle for the top 1!! Love you! Your thank-you gift awaits on your return!

Works every time! Nudge-nudge, wink-wink x-x-x

allie said...

Ok - duly noted
A pink Canon. Preferably 1XUS model.
Husbank has been informed.

@ Shayne - super k*k! Hysterical roars. Relax kiddo - how were you supposed to know lightning was gunna strike you!
@ Kirsty - you schemer you! I like it.

Lynette said...

I just love Kirsty's instructions to the husbank.

Joanne said...

Get the same one as Mel, she takes great pics with hers.

allie said...

@ Lynette - me too :-)

@ Jo - oh if it were only that simple!
Like golfers who think if they get Tiger's brand of club, they will play like him!
But seriously, ja - I will ask her

Kate said...

GHD's are cheaper overseas too...add that to Husbank's list :-)