Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Face Book Exit

The decision has been made I am outta there. I must say, I'm bracing against the sense of loss that I feel though - it sure is a great socialising tool But it needs to be done so, to any of my blog-buds that happen to be FB buds too, a warning that this is in the pipeline. It apparently takes 14 days for my page to disappear but I will not be posting anything new there. I wonder what I will do with all the extra time I'll have on my hands!


Meriel said...

you are so beautiful - i love that header pic.

Simply-Mel said...

Wow Ma - what an epic pic of you. It really captures your essence somehow.

Yes, Meriel - she is beautiful, inside and out but I guess you have figured that by now ne?

Will miss you on fb! But totally get it.

Lynette said...

Oh wow Allie...just love that photo of you.

Now you will have more time to blog and tell us what is happening in your life:)

Shayne said...

What a stunning header.

You are a beautiful woman (but we know that already don't we)

will miss you on FB, but so understand.

Rambler said...

I also like your main pic! So pretty!

I also want to go off facebook. But I have an intense fear of missing out...

let me know how it fells 'kay?

allie said...

Ok now I feel a bit of an ass (thats polite ass - as in donkey nnkay?)
I didn't put that header up cos I thought I looked so pretty
I put it up because I liked the contrast between the dopey, funkey look with the "studious intent" look.
But hey, if you wanna say nice things to me, who am I to complain!
Sanks peeps.

@ Clive - yup, I know where you are coming from. I think thats the difficult part: being able to step out of the loop.
I also have this knowledge that there is going to be a lot of fun going on there that I will not be part of.
But I will soon forget about that -and have more time to LIVE OUT, if you know what I mean.
I am very happy with my blog-buds:
realising that fewer and deeper with relationships works better for me