Friday, November 6, 2009

Hugs and Kisses Revisited

"No matter what, you must take time for each other. . . . Have a date night, plan a walk with each other, even share a bubble bath and let the conversation flow. Also important is affection and intimate non-s*xual contact. Hugging and kissing is the cement that holds a relationship together." Janet Winterbourne
Tests have proved that small babies can actually die from lack of human contact.
Its horrible to hear of some orphaned babies fading away just because nobody holds them or talks to them. And look how little children love being picked up; being held on the laps of people that love them.
Mysteriously, people need affectionate touch.
And its a really easy way to affirm and strengthen a special relationship.
Doesn't cost anything
Not even energy
And it pays rich dividends


Simply-Mel said...

Hmmm, very true. But harder for some of us that were born sans the *huggy, kissy* gene!!

allie said...

Um - not born without it, kiddo.
Shed it!

Meriel said...

so true.

and old people. we had a retired persons breakfast on Thu and you find yourself touching their hand or holding their shoulder in a little squeeze or leaning in close and looking in their eyes. brief moments of kind affection.

Shayne said...

So so true.

But easy to forget in the rush of day to day living.

thank you for the reminder.

Terry said...

You pretty much have summed it up! It's amazing what a little love will do in a life!

Kirsty said...

Thanks for reminding me! I am going to switch my laptop off now and go downstairs to hug my hubby! NOW! I promise x

Susan said...

An important reminder, Allie!

:-) Susan

Meriel said...

i just got an Allie hug. ;-)