Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family Stuff ++

I am having a grandchild-rich time right now.
My beautiful senior GD turned 20 today so I swung by her place (in a haze of disbelief I might add - it surely cannot be possible that I have a 20 year granddaughter!?) to wish her happy happy birthday.
Her whole life lies ahead of her - so many choices; so many possibilities.
Be happy, my girl.
Then last night GD no 3, Lulu, spent the night here.
We watched the whole Mama Mia dvd at least 3 times and also my personal fav, the bit where the aunty dances on the beach with all the young guys (Does Your Mother Know That You're Out?) about 10 times.
Obviously Lulu's taste runs closely with mine in these matters.
This morning it was her Nativity play. Her school runs the same one every year but there are always some unique moments:
This year it was a boy who decided to opt out.
He just turned around and faced the back of the stage ignoring the nudges and pleas of the kids around him.
By the way, listening to hours of Abba songs just before an occasion like this is not recommended
I think Abba songs will be ringing in my head for the next week.
Anyway, during the obligatory hairstraightening session last night, Lulu confided that she was awfully pleased her teacher changed her position in the play so that she didn't have to stand next to a boy.
Me: "Oh really, Lulu? Why don't you like standing next to boys?"
Lulu: "Cos they so boyish."
"And cos they run around a lot. And get their clothes dirty"
Me: "Oh."
I mean, what can you say to that?
Add On:
And today (Sunday) more family stuff -
My two tiniest granddaughters (2 and a half, and 6 months old) arrived to spend the arvie together with with their wonderful, but exhausted parents.
And did them the huge favour of sleeping most of the time they were here.
Of course, the rest of us felt a tad cheated - we wanted to play with them.
But it was worth it to see their parents relax for a nano
They were later joined by my SD, JD and JD's 3 + DSIL - and a great time was had by all.
I am one spoilt mama.


Joanne said...

So sweet! I noticed her hair was all toffed up yesterday when I saw her.

Meriel said...

i hold thumbs that my grandkids live close by. it sounds special that you can visit with them singly on their own. as kids we always seems to travel in a big overwhelming pack of cousins so there was no one on one.

allie said...

@ Jo - yup, she links hair-sessions with being with me.

@ Meriel - I love having all the family around together at times - there is a particular buzz to that.
But they can't replace one-on-one time. I try to make sure I have those with my special people -

Shayne said...

Sounds wonderful.

To spend one on one time with your grandchildren like that.

Blessed are you both.

Simply-Mel said...

My kids are so blessed to have a Gran like you. xxx mwa

Hayley said...

You are so lucky to be able to spend time with your grand children.

Whenever my folks go out with their grandchildren, they get at least one comment from someone that there grandchildren are overseas and they see them once a year...very sad.

It sound slike you have a very special relationship with them.

Lynette said...

I love to pick up the little ones from school (one at a time) and have them for the afternoon. I do it every week.

Susan said...

Awwww...what a great time. I cannot wait until I'm a Grandma for those reasons!