Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fast Post

DH home. Yay: With new camera, and scarf from Harrods for moi Boo: With flu.


Lynette said...

Now it is my turn to say..."show and tell".

So sorry to hear that DH came back with the flu...now, don't get sick OK?

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Photographs are required!!

Simply-Mel said...

Ah no man, troetel him good and proper. You both need to be in tip top condition before your holiday!

Shayne said...

yes, pics please!

hope DH gets better soon.


allie said...

You guys don't understand: when DH is sick, my world as it is usually lived, stops.

He thrives on TLC in truckloads - and since he is my hero, AND since he seems to get better faster if he gets it, I oblige.

So no running around taking pics for me right now.
But soon, ok?

Meriel said...

what a lovely wife you are. more precious than rubies.