Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Day

Its been a strangely satisfying day The weather helped - a lovely day Then the Thursday group met here to continue pursuing "Jesus, the One and Only" - and today we could sit outside on the deck with our books and our coffee Very festive and lots of laughs and interesting chats. Then a quick trip with SD to Kommetjie, that gorgeous little seaside village, to fetch some art equipment I forgot yesterday. So more good chats in the car Then I could spend the rest of the day painting: we are attempting to do a piece after Van Gogh's style Well, it started out that way but I'm ending up doing my own thang. Dh is still out at a squash tournament I watched Bru's and Sisters - oh MAN! Could they have any more ad breaks!! And so, after checking out FB, I'm now writing this totally arb post Nothing fascinating to say But sometimes it is good to notice *on the day* that "Today I am happy"


Kate said...

Nothing like smelling the roses as we walk past them :-)

Put up pics of your art! Would love to see - you are really good, Allie. Are you selling? :-)

Lynette said...

Well...if the day started with "Jesus, the One and Only." and you were on the deck in gorgeous weather...and you could fit in your art...that sounds just PERFECT. I hope you have another very happy day today:)

Kirsty said...

You paint?? Please show it to us on your blog. Would love to see x