Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poppy Time

I love red poppies -
Every year they come up in their hundreds in
the communal garden opposite our house.
I tried my hand at capturing their happy faces in my painting class today -
For a change, I am reasonably pleased with the result


Meriel said...

you painted that.


Joanne said...

Have I told you how much I love red poppies? x

Lynette said...

Wow you are amazingly talented! Beautiful!

Ness said...

We have a painting of red poppies by Anne Nosworthy (renowned local Cape Town artist) in our house, well my moms house. But we had it growing up.

For a second I wondered if you had another one in her series of work (she did several). Then I read that you painted that.

This would be an appropriate time to say,




allie said...

You like?
I'm glad - and wo! high praise from Ness! Thanks stax.

And yes Jo, I think you told me on a previous post I did about these poppies that you felt the same about them.
They just make me feel happy.

allie said...
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Terry said...

Wow! Nice job Allie.

Those who have the talent to draw probably wonder why the rest of us can't draw, those who can't wonder 'HOW DO THEY DO THAT'.

It's amazing how God gives each of us different talents.

ScrapFan {aka Simply-Mel} said...

B ee ooo ttti ful. Now would be a good time to tell Dad a bidding war may be ON for this painting..... hmmm.

Kirsty said...

ooops! I see your work now! **NOTE TO SELF:when you haven't had time to read blogs for a few days, read from the bottom up **

Excellento Allie!! You are very talented! I am also a fan of red poppies!