Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crinkles and Carols

Oh dear Lord!
The computer is on the dressing table
In front of a well lit mirror
And I have my reading glasses on.
Freak! Time for major surgery. . .
In the meantime, I will just keep my eyes fixed on the laptap
Its 11.04am
We are packed and ready
The taxi arrives in an hour.
Believe or not, DH is again sprawled out on the bed, snoring loudly.
Tha'ts been the problem the last few nights - he has picked up a cold here and whenever that happens, he snores a LOT and LOUDLY at night
So is tired in the mornings
And moi?
Moi has learned to do with little sleep and manages surprisingly well on it.
Did I tell you that they play Christmas carols here from breakfast time till bedtime, unceasingly, in the hotels, the malls, each shop, in the streets . . .?
"We weeesh you a merry Chreeestmas, we weeesh you a merry Chreeeestmas. . .fol lol lol la la la la"
Have mercy!
I am hoping that the Italians will not be that carol- orientated


Kirsty said...

sounds like you're having a fab time... despite snoring, caroling and colds! Sounds like a blast x (Did you see what I did there??)Am so clever. Accidental, but clever.

Joanne said...

From the pics it all looks so beautiful, I love those old narrow streets, wish I was there!