Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Day in Malta

Last day in Malta - in our wanderings around today, we discovered the Marina (Portomaso) where pretty obviously the super wealthy hang out.
So we hung out there over a cappucino or two, then walked around looking at their toys.
DH, who is ex-Navy, was drooling over these fabulous yachts. Just had to check in with one of my kids - when you sit in such beautiful surroundings, you just have to share the moment!
One of the things I have realised while I have been here is that the self indulgent life is not something I could do for long.
Not like this.
I know in a new way what the writer of Ecclesiastes meant about "Vanity vanity....."
Do not read what I am not saying
I'm having a ball, and am so grateful for the opportunity
But as a lifestyle?

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Kate said...

Wow looks so beautiful there! Thanks for all the updates, loving reading your holiday posts.
Big Hug xx