Monday, December 28, 2009

Final Days

With great timing, good weather arrived for this one day trip to Portofino.
Its only a short distance away - a breathtaking ride by bus (for beauty, not danger reasons!).
Just a few VERY upmarket (read b****y expensive) clothing shops (Gucci, Armani, etc) and restaurants.
Want an idea of how expensive?
It cost us the equivalent of R750 for 2 plates of soup, 2 glasses of house wine and a bottle of water.
The picture on the header was taken at that restaurant.
We chalked that up to experience and had a relaxed day there.
We pack tonight, beginning our long haul homeward.
Rapallo has started to feel a bit like home; we have loved learning the Italian ways of doing things, so in that way, it is quite sad to leave.
But oh! how I am looking forward to being at "real" home!


Simply-Mel said...

*cough cough* R750 bucks? hope it was the best soup and wino EVER! ;-)

Cant wait to have you home!!!

Shayne said...

So picturesque.

Yup, that's what you have to do, put it down to the experience and travels.

You really do sound like you've had an idyllic holiday.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you. Travel safely. Amazing pics... Caio. L.xx

allie said...

@ Mel - Yup, we sure did cough when we first realised. But we didn't want to spoil a perfect day - and who knows if we will ever come this way again!

@ Shayne - its been really fantastic. An unforgettable time. I was saying to DH, you know you are a great match when you live in each other's pockets for 3 weeks and still loving it!

@ Lis - Can't wait to see you guys either. Take care. Chat soon. XX

Meriel said...

what a lovely finale.

Have a good trip back x x x x

Lynette said...

Finally able to catch up on your trip. What an awesome time you had.

Great photography Allie. Safe trip home.