Saturday, December 26, 2009

Funicular Thoughts

You may well be getting tired of "Oh how beautiful" posts re Italy, so suffice to say today we took the funicular up into the mountains behind Rapallo.
Much higher than I had thought.
More about that in a mo
From the funicular. Portofino is near that little islandy area. We are going there tomorrow.
This pathway was behind the church (which comes up two pics down) - so silent and deserted. The pic is deceptive: the mountainside was very steep; the trees and walls very mossy (the sun obviously seldom gets there); and it was quite dark.
We felt to talk in whispers and walk very softly.
So high!
One can only wonder at the labour, cost and devotion that went into building this at the very top of this mountain. Approaching the end of the journey.
Thoughts provoked by today's trip:
(If you thought you had heard the last of allie's thoughts, sad news for you!)
One of the remarkable things the Lord did for me when I decided to follow Him, was to help me overcome my terror of heights.
A huge miracle as anyone, who knew me then, would vouch for.
What we saw and experienced up on that mountain was so precious, so unique -
If fear had turned me back, I would never have known those things.
Life would just have gone on but I would have been the poorer for missing out.
I wonder how often enriching things are hidden behind something that looks risky or threatening to us.
Almost as though the "scarey" is the misleading wrapping paper -
Who knows what we might be missing be not 'unwrapping' those gifts!

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Kirsty said...

The church and view are simply stunning... and well done you, for overcoming your fear x