Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today my mind is full of memories of this friend of 20 plus years - She died peacefully, with all her family around her, yesterday afternoon. I first met her when she joined my bible study group. It is a measure of her affectionate and forgiving nature that she stuck with me - a new believer, rather presumptiously leading a study on the book of Romans, which is the deepest doctrinal book in the bible! Anyway, the friendship survived that and grew over the years. In the last couple of years, it has been my privilege to walk with her, in some small way, along the home stretch. I spent time with her a few days ago - that time will remain etched on my mind - The word "awesome" is overworked and often wrongly used. But now I'm using it "in its place" The sense of the presence of Christ in that room was awesome: she loved Him with everything she had. And we rejoice with her now, knowing that she sees Him and knows Him fully, as she had always longed to do.
And that she is free today in a way that we can only dream about. Enjoy the dance, my friend!
Goodbye for now.


Susan said...


I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I'm so glad to know that you had that blessed time with her.



Lynette said...

{{Big Hug}} I know your friendship must have meant a lot to her.

Shayne said...

A wonderful tribute to someone who was clearly a great influence on your life.

THinking of you at this time. xxx

allie said...

Thanks peeps - she has left a legacy of love behind her.

Rambler said...

Sorry to hear about your friend... such a lovely tribute to her.


Simply-Mel said...

Beautiful Ma, I never met her but I am well aware of your deep affection for her. Thinking lots of you. xxx

Kirsty said...

So sad for your loss Allie.
Know that your dear friend looks down from heaven above, and with each ray of sunshine she sends you her love x

Kate said...

So sorry to hear that Allie.
I remember her. C's mom hey?
Imagine what she must be doing now!?

Lots of love your way xx