Thursday, December 24, 2009


The photos are going to be as Blogger has arranged them: I can't be asked to try to re-organise them.
DH coughed his way thru the night again last night: can you believe the doc came to the hotel to see him this morning!
On Christmas Eve?!
Anyway, DH is now on a puffer twice daily - we will see how that goes.
This pic is to show how people line up at "the bar" - only they are drinking expressos. They just stand there, throw them down, then go off
Everyone seems to know everyone else - Rapallo is a small town -
The streets are lined with naartjie/orange trees. They are laden with fruit at the mo. Looks lovely - Would you believe - roasting chestnuts in the street?
Lots of stuff for the kids to enjoy in one of the piazzas
There are the MOST wonderful
shoes here - but these I chose to post
just for fun.


Simply-Mel said...

Oh man, it looks so festive. Somehow I think we miss out with having a summer Christmas...I love the romance of the winter christmas vibe.

I will tell Hooli that OUpa is sharing in the puffer stakes for a while! I had one too when pregs with Lulu, remember? Hope he recovers swiftly. xx

Happy Christmas to you both in case I dont catch you tomorrow. Love and miss you loads.


Lynette said...

I love your photo post...looks like a magical holiday. Blessed Christmas to you Allie.

Kirsty said...

It all looks stunning! I do miss christmas in the northern hemisphere! Much more atmosphere. Merry christmas Allie! x