Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Police and the Pie

Yesterday the weather looked like this
Quiet and wet wet wet.
Strangely peaceful
Which is more than can be said of DH, who was beginning to
feel like a caged Seffrican lion.
So out we went to stroll around this fascinating town (again!)
before supper.
Oh! the temptations!
Mainly food and clothes.
So far we have resisted well, but are weakening.
Something funny happened at supper -
When we finally sat down, DH suddenly said: "Bokkie, just
LOOK at that pie!"
"That pie" was a giant being served at an adjacent table.
Being a blogger, my first thought was for a pic
So I asked the proprietor if he would clear it with the eaters.
(He spoke almost no English - I don't know what made me think he would understand what I was asking)
Then I went over and took a pic
( that is a pie, not a half a pizza and its on a big plate!)
Tthe two diners rose to their feet, clearly deeply perturbed by my actions.
I then saw they were both policemen.
And not pleased.
I laughingly said; "So am I under arrest now?"
The cops then went over and stood together in a corner of the restaurant.
I took another pic of the pie.
The cops then looked acutely embarrassed, realising for the first time that I was only interested in that pie.
Not them.
I actually think they were posing for a pic
I also actually think they were supposed to be on duty, not eating.
I lurve these holiday incidents!
PS: Hats off to DH who must be relaxing - he didn't turn a hair at my bizarre request to take a photo of other diner's food.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! That is so funny! How random to get up and take pics of someones supper...!! ;-) I LOVE your new header pic thingy - still enormously envious.... chat soon. Caio. L.

Meriel said...

Allie. Thats a classic.

"no your honour my wife was just photographing a pie"

Ha ha ha

Anonymous said...



Simply-Mel said...

Ack! If I had told you a few years back that you would get people to back off from their food so you could photograph it? Well, yeah. Soooo wouldnt have happened!! Such a funny story.