Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Guilty Pleasures

I've been tagged; thanks, Kirsty, this was fun. Check it out on http://www.theweaversnest.typepad.com/ The challenge is to confess 5 guilty pleasures. They say confession is good for the soul. So let's see. *grin* Here we go: 1. Afternoon sleeps Ah - Is there anything to compare with drifting off on the couch after lunch? Do NOT think I don't know how elderly that sounds but I have always loved it - I think even as a teen I loved it. Sleep - one of life's great pleasures. But in the afternoon, when there is "stuff" to be done? Definitely brings on guilty feelings. 2. Taking a whole day off to paint Absolutely NO reason for guilt about this but it arises anyway. Seems so self absorbed. 3. Watching TV during the day. I'm a sucker for stories. Always have been. When I was growing up, my nose was constantly in a book. Curled up on my bed, on a chair, sprawled full length on the carpet - always lost in stories. Now if I let TV step into that space - Feels good but GUILT rides close behind! 4. The time spent on my computer Sometimes, like a guilty little child, when I hear DH approaching, I will quickly leave my study and dash into the kitchen, hoping it would seem I had been busy there for a-a-a-ges. And he wouldn't even mind that I was blogging! How sad is that! And like now - stax of stuff to do in the house (When are the househelps coming back?! Sob!) and I "just popped in to check my mail" - That was about 2 hours ago. I rest my case: guilty feelings as I sit here - but oh, what a pleasure at the same time. 5. Those ghastly celeb gossip mags. Specially if there is anything on the cover to suggest that Ang and Brad are going to split up. I look around furtively first to make sure no one sees the trash I'm buying but I will read everything in there in record time. Even though I know they make up half (or more) of that rubbish. Actually, I realise that there is no reason why I should feel guilty about doing these things (with the possible exception of the mags!) But I think so many years of parenthood may have resulted in an underlying feeling I should always be busy; always be doing something productive; or doing something for someone else. And that may have made it hard not to feel guilty about self centred pleasures. So maybe I should borrow M's word fpr this year: just enbrace the pleasure and ditch the guilt. Hmm?


Lynette said...

We all have a lot in common, don't you think.

I am exactly the same as you where my guilt concerning computer time is concerned.

Meriel said...

Picturing you donning a big hat and sunglasses to go and buy the Heat and Huisgenoot

Shayne said...

laughing at M's comment!

so we now know what you're up to if u go quiet on us after lunch!

loved reading this!