Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shark Attack

I'm sure many of you would have heard by now of the shark attack here in Fish Hoek. Our house overlooks the bay - I was home all morning and never heard the shark siren; never heard the emergency vehicles - nothing. Because our famous South east wind is howling again today. So all unaware, I trotted down to my garage at about 4ish, on the way to the mall, only to see the red emergency helicopter hovering over the shallow part of the bay and the NSRI vessel in attendace too. At first I thought it was someone in trouble in the rough seas but soon realised more was going on than that. Cars were parked opposite our home, inmates anxiously scanning the water with binoculars. Chatting to one of them, I first heard the mention of shark attack. Then we saw the shape in the clear water - So help me - it was so big that we first thought it was the shadow of the helicopter. But it wasn't. It was the biggest mother I have ever seen - and I have seen some big ones from here. The helicopter and the other vessels kind of "herded" the shark out to sea.
The latest I have heard is that the victim was a foreigner, a visitor maybe.
Apparently his wife saw him being shaken around by the shark.
Unthinkable trauma.
It is unreal to think that life for the rest of us just goes on, but in a second, her life has changed forever.
The pic is of the vessels which continued for
hours to serch for the body.


Kate said...

Can't believe it!! I feel so sorry for the wife. Horrific.
I think i'll never swim in my home town again! Yikes!

Shayne said...

I can never quite believe that this has happened - again. It scares me. Terribly. When I lived in CT we often used to bathe at fish hoek with the kids.

How awful for the wife to have witnessed the attack.

Meriel said...

makes me proud of my boys who sat with her and will keep in touch long after its all quietened down.

Kate said...

Looking at that picture you put up now - the water looks so ominous!
I don't swim when it looks like that - seems like its teeming under the surface!

allie said...

Yes, the wife has been pretty constantly in my thoughts and prayers since this happened. I cannot get past the sudden way her life has been shattered.
M - so glad to hear that your guys do that, and could do it for her. What a fantastic service they bring.

Not a soul in the water this morning - but I have noticed in the past that the diehard early morning swimmers are usually back there ridiculously soon

Rambler said...

horrible, horrible, horrible...

Lynette said...

Heard it on the news and thought about you...and your view over the bay. What a horrible incident.

Ordinarylife said...

It must have been very scary for all who witnessed it.