Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthday Buddies

Dear SD and I share a birthday.
She was, and is, a wonderful gift - a beautiful and vibrant girl.
And so much fun!
Here is a window into our hilarious birthday connection yesterday.
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I love you stax, kiddo.
And you just get better as you go on!
Mel (DJD) took me out to do what we do well.
But that is a post for another day.


Meriel said...

Stunning pics - looks so much fun.


Lynette said...

You are both beautiful.

Simply-Mel said...

Aw, looks like lots of fun - you guys are awesome.

Shayne said...

Gorgeous pics - clearly a good time was being had.

Kirsty said...

'scuse my stupidity.... but what is SD and DJD????????!!

allie said...

@ Kirsty -
DSD = dear senior daughter
DJD = dear junior daughter
DJS = dear junior som
DSS = dear senior son.

Anonymous said...

Love you too Mom!! Still want to grab you one morning and walk Kalk Bay for your prezzie... or wherever you think you may find it! xx