Thursday, January 28, 2010


First - Mel (DJD) says she will kill me if I post the pic of her and me taken yesterday.
Which is not the sort of talk I usually tolerate from my young.
I must be losing my edge.
Since I am quite partial to being alive I will refrain from doing so.
Which is a pity, cos I look lovely in it *grin*
So, no pics (blegh)
But just to say, she spoilt me rotten, as so many people wished for me for my birthday yesterday.
She took me out for the whole morning: we had breakfast; shopped (for clothes!); chatted a hond uit 'n bos (a LOT); drank coffee; and shopped some more. It was wonderful.
Oh wait a minute - I have a pic of my new shoes.
Hang on. . . .
These are not to sneezed at: they are the range of no less a person than Gisele Bunchen -
These sandals are the most comfortable ever.
I sleep with them on.
They look great with jeans cos then all you see is the "jewel" thingie. It looks as if they stay on by magic.
The fact that my feet are lily white is not helpful but, trust me, numerous coats of self tan are going to be applied to these feet pronto.
A really fun morning with great company (even if she does threaten her DM (dear mother).
More news:
DH has decided to give a laptop to a needy cause.
My laptop, not my needy cause.
Which I may have had issues with
Except . . . . I am getting a new one tomorrow (SCREAMS OF JOY LIKE THE AMERICAN AIRHEADS)
And it's RED!
* Hands up all who believed I slept with my new shoes on.


Lynette said...

"slept with them on" - kaalvoet is baie lekkerder:)

Yay for wonderful a DH who have the good taste to buy a RED laptop for his beloved:) I think I might just have heard your screams of joy all the way to PE:)

I'm so not a blogger said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Allie, sorry its late:-(
Glad you had a wonderful day!

Joanne said...

My hand is down, I knew you were just being overly enthusiatic. Red laptop, suits you.

Simply-Mel said...

first the cr@p photo and now the red laptop....are you trying to Kill me? ;-)

And yes, you look absolutely gorj in the photo - so crop me out and post it!

Are you getting netbook or big boy mccoy?


allie said...

@ Lynette - but of course, kaalvoet is BAIE lekkerder!

@ ISNB - thanks so much for your b/day wishes.

@ Jo - no such thing as overenthusiastic: not with great shoes anyway.

@ Mel - that about the pic was supposed to be a joke!
Dad says its not the little one, std size. The make is Dell. I've heard of it but know nothing about it. But I trust their judgement.

Can't wait!

Kirsty said...

ooo - lucky you!! My Sony Vaio laptop is sooo not cutting edge anymore! *sigh* It is so hard to keep pace with technology!

Terry said...

New lap top!! Now that's what I'm talking about. I have never had one and my daughters both do and say "Dad you should get one." So, some time in the near future I will make the leap and buy one.
You never told us what brand, but maybe that's a secret. Have a wonderful day Allie!!