Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Morning After

DSD keeping her eyes peeled for sharks as we have our coffee Local viewers. The day after the shark attack This is what happens here - cars pull in and people just stand and stare at the sea. Sometimes for ages. Everyone is stunned - and fascinated. Of course, the fact that the shark alert siren has gone off 5 times this morning has helped swell the numbers of viewers. And the fact that today's shark was visible from up here too. We (DSD, who came up for coffee, and moi) saw it from the deck: a small one by yesterday's standards. We have some details about yesteday's incident now: the victim was Roy (or as the news cast says: 'Lloyd') Skinner, 37, actually a Zimbabwean who had been living in the Congo. He and his wife had been here on holiday for about a month. DH heard some horrible details from a couple who witnessed the whole thing from the beach. The husband, noticing the swimmer, had just said to his wife: "If a shark comes along now, that guy is toast." The next second, all hell broke loose. I will spare you the gory details of the attack - I know none of you want to hear that. . . And now - a toast to "Back to School and Life Getting Back to Normal" Clink.


Shayne said...

I missed the gory details but heard that it was very gory.

Still almost have to pinch myself.

How beautiful and calm does the sea look and how can something so horrific and senseless take place there?

My DH said that as the entire body wasn't consumed - the shark was obviously just 'testing' what was out there.


Lynette said...

I believe it must have been absolutely horrible.

You DO have an amazing view of the bay...I would just sit out there and stare all day would not be good for productivity at all.

Kirsty said...

Very tragic. Will say a prayer for the poor wife - how awful to witness!
Your view is simply stunning! Lucky girl x