Monday, January 25, 2010

Laptop Blues

SUCH a long time without my laptop! It had been behaving very badly, refusing the simplest instructions, so I sent it off to the laptop doctor to see if he could teach it to obey. I told him he could use force if necessary. His diagnosis is awaited with bated breath: I like my laptop. I'm used to it. But hey! I guess I could get used to a new improved version if he has to put it to sleep. Grin.
Now and then I have managed to swipe DH's for a nano second and have a quick look at a few blogs but other than that - nuttin. I'm doing better than I thought I would. This break was necessary though. I discovered how much other stuff I can do when I don't spend hours in cyberspace. Ah me! When will I learn - balance in all things?!


Kate said...

Please say you are back for good now and that wasn't posted on DH's laptop! MISSED YOU! :-)

allie said...

No, it is still DH's laptop, Kate.
Fetching mine this evening all being equal.
Nice to be missed though

Shayne said...

Wondered where you were!

Nice to have you back, albeit temporarily.


Rambler said...

Break-shmeak... other things are futile. Imitating life virtually is where all the cool kids are...

Come back and play with the cool kids!

Lynette said...

Glad you're have an amazing impact on blog land...and on us:)