Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Night Talk

Its 3.21 am. How is possible to feel this wide awake and energetic at this unearthly time! Reorganizing my house, even sorting out world peace feels very do-able for me right now. Normally, making DH's sandwiches for work seems a big ask. Maybe its the heat. I lay under the mozzie net, limp, for about an hour, trying to force sleep into my bod. Then "the wheels" started turning: You know those wheels? Thoughts, random and persistent, turn and turn in your head. Not worries, just odd stuff but once they start, its better to just get up and DO something. Well, for me anyway. And oh boy! doesn't coffee taste great in the wee small hours!? In the stillness and solitude? We keep our deck door open all night and the sea noises are all that I can hear now. So lovely.

Time for my second cuppa cawfee. Maybe I'll have it on the deck this time: while I have this lovely night sight to myself :-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely way to start your birthday..peace & quiet, great coffee and a great view! Ciao. L xx

Hayley said...

Oh wow, I am actually jealous that you were up at that time! How stunning is that view...and so peaceful!
I agree with 'L' above...a perfect start to your birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Ness at Drovers Run said...

I get my best work done at these times.

Sometimes, I get disturbed by a disheveled hubby, asking me, "What are you doing at the computer at this hour!?" - he *doesn't* get it at all. His computer at work, is clearly an instrument of torture, mine, is *not*!

Shayne said...

Oh golly i hear you loud and clear - that's why i've started taking TranQuin, every night i was awake at that time.

Indeed a wonderful way to start your birthday!

Happpy Happy xxxx

Meriel said...

Happy Birthday Allie. Looks like a lovely quiet start to the day.

Lynette said...

Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you....(you get the picture)

Hope you had a wonderful snooze by the time you read this...and that your day has been absolutely awesome.

Terry said...

Happy Birthday Allie!
I'm probably late with that but better late than not at all. As for being up in the middle of the night, I usually don't deal with that. When I go to bed I'm out like a light.
You have such a view from you balcony. It would be hard to give up to move into town. I hope your day was a wonderful blessing.