Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Check List Update

I have just come back from my appointment with the skin specialist. I haven't been for quite a few years so I thought it was time for a once over. I've been pretty careful in the last years (unlike in my youth when a tan was THE fashion must) but still was overjoyed when she said my skin was doing so well she didn't need to see me for about 3 years! I have decided never again to complain about encroaching wrinkles. To try to just be glad my skin is healthy. I might need reminding of that decision from time to time, hey. Being a woman and all. This morning made 3 of *those* early in the year check up appointments done. 1. Eyes - no deterioration from the glaucoma. Yay! 2. Periodontist - says all is well. Yay! 3. Today - Yay! PS: Half an hour after posting this, I stumbled on my steps and twisted my ankle quite badly. Kinda ironic, no? Grin. But I'm very peeved because: a) Its bl**dy sore b) I was just getting into my stride ito exercise (pardon the pun) c) I may not be able to drive d) I have people coming around here this evening at 6 and I don't know if I'll even be able to let them in! e) There are plenty of things I want to go to in the next few days - will I miss them all?! Bliksem, man! Oh! And thanks to Nurse Mel who was around here to help in record time.


Simply-Mel said...

I knew there was a good reason (beside sloth) that I cancelled with Mr OMS this morn!

Was lovely to spend time with you this morn. Maybe we can do it more often sans drama mmmkay?

Kirsty said...

ouch - shame Allie! I know a good physio....;-)

allie said...

@ Mel - without all the drama would be good ja. But if thats what it takes. . . hehe.

By the way, not buying the 'preparing for the move' thing, ok?
Lets milk it while we are still close by.

@ Kirsty - thanks pal - but the thought of strong hands on my ankle right now makes me want to scream like a baby.

Hayley said...

Oh no Allie, thats good news :-(

But awesome news on your skin.