Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Its usually quite light by now. 5.45ish. But its been thundering and lightning-ing for hours and as I sit here facing the sea, there is a dramatic darkness over most of the sky. Periodically interrupted by the vivid livid flashes across the valley Where the pale blue shows through, the clouds look as though they have been torn carelessly, showing jagged edges like shark's teeth. It was too hot to sleep: besides I have a lot milling around in my head and heart. I heard yesterday that a friend had been badly injured in a cycling accident: he was hit by a truck and has lost his leg. Just like that. Out of the blue. I am struck again by the paradox of life. The sheer breathtaking beauty of it. The joy of it. The adventure of it. Side by side with the aching sorrows and difficulties so many people contend with - And how often, it is those very sorrows and difficulties that expose just how amazing people can be. How courageous; how full of hope; how sturdy. It is also those times when one sees love among friends and family at their richest.


Lynette said...

This morning with my Utmost for His highest I was challenged to see Him for who He nature, in creation. To trust in His name, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, the Great Physician, Creator God, El Roi - the God that sees. It has given me great peace to know that I can trust in HIS NAME.

allie said...

Yes, Lynette.
El Shaddai - the More Than Enough God.
He has said if we fix our minds on Him, He will give us great peace, hasn't He?
So happy that you are experiencing the reality of that.

Jo said...

Terrible about the accident, lost a leg OMG.