Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hair Piece Plus

What I was aiming at, hairwise, was what you see in my present header. Kinda lightbrown with light streaks, specially in my fringe to disguise where I have a grey flash. (I quite like it at times: other times its: "Naaah, not ready for the grey thing yet.") What I got yesterday was an almost orangy red, with some lighter bits. My dear hairdresser (no, seriously, she's great) tried to tone me down a bit, putting on more white goo, but quite honestly, I couldn't see much difference. She then looked quizzically at me and declared that my foundation was all wrong and that she was going to do something about it. Of course, there is the possibility that a) she could have been distracting me from my alarm at the colour I had landed up with b) she could have thought with different make up, it would look less alarming c) she was just feeling creative and could genuinely see what would work better for me. I choose to believe the last one. She ended up doing the whole shebang: foundation; a kind of light pressed powder; (although I would bet money they don't call it that any more. It sounds very Aunty Fanny) brow hilighter; blusher; purple (ja-hah!) eye liner pencil (it is fabulous if you have dark eyes); and a simply amazing nude lipstick. When I looked in the mirror, I could hardly believe what I saw. As I said on FB, I swear I was one of those realty TV make-over chicks, who cluck and blush over their own gorgeousness. Its not vanity (cause after all, I was not the original Artist, nor the present artist) but just amazement at the difference it can make when you know what colours etc to use. I think it should be introduced for the girls in Grade 12. "How to use make up to the best advantage". The guys can have lessons on": "How farting, scratching, burping, purving other chicks when you are with yours; etc are not funny." Somebody should tell them, don't you think? I tried to "do" my own make up this morning (because, of course, I bought everything!) but it doesn't look as great as when she did it. But I will persevere. Tally ho! I will only post a pic if I can get one that makes me look amazing: I don't want you worrying that I may be delusional, nkay?


Lynette said...

You're back:)

So to see the end should have gotten somebody to take a pic.

Terry said...

Be brave and post a pic!

Now the guy thing, do we really do all those thing? he he

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Can't wait to see the *new* you!

Kate said...

Please say your mojo has been found?! :-)
Seems like it, this post was great! x

Joanne said...

Hi go check out Lauren Luke's make up tricks on youtube, she is a Brit that has taken the world by storm with tips and they are very easy and effective. xxo