Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Artist's Way

I am typing as fast as I can because I really should be doing something else. Actually a few other things. But blog-guilt overcame me - dunno what I'm going to say but I'm showing up. Like Woody Allen says. I'm working my way through a book called "The Artist's Way" which parallels creativity and the spiritual journey. It calls for discipline and perseverance: not my strong suites. But omihat! I'm loving it! One of the major disiplines it calls for, is writing what the author calls 'Morning Pages' - you just have write 3 pages first thing in the morning. About anything that comes to mind; no worries about grammar, spelling, sequence - just have to keep your hand moving over the page, writing. I've been doing it for 13 mornings and in the last couple of days, I have suddenly found buried stuff surfacing; new light on old thoughts and had some of my mindsets opened up. Just remarkable! Suddenly I find myself eager to do the exercise - Its a little frustrating though Because another discpline is that you are not allowed to look at your Morning Pages again till at least 8 weeks have passed. And now there is all this good stuff - I actually thought of you guys sometimes while I was busy with it and how great it would be to share the thoughts in a post. Anyway. More about that later. And hopefully next time, I will be sharing a link to a site you will really like.


Kate said...

That's interesting, about the morning writing. Would love to hear more about it!

Lynette said...

This sounds like wonderful therapy...can't wait for you to share a bit more.

Jo said...

3 pages every morning now that sounds like SAHM stuff &%^)x#

allie said...

@ Lynette and Kate - I have a feeling you will be hearing a lot more about the contents of this book!

@ Jo - yup, you're probably right.
Why the $%&^)x# ?
Would you like to be doing the MPages too?