Friday, April 30, 2010

Excuse Me - Is That Your Jacket?

Tomorrow is D-Day All the preparations for the dreaded show house on Sunday have to be finished. All the shifting of furniture; the tidying of long-piled surfaces; tweaking the garden; storing extra stuff in the garage; packing away all my art stuff into boxes ready to be hidden at the bottom of the spareroom wardrobe. A friend on Face Book told me that people look inside your wardrobes. Really? Do they DO that? That's SO not ok. I find myself wondering what the agents do if a bunch of people arrive at the same time to look at the house. Are people then left to wander about on their own? What's to stop them taking things? Like clothing? I mean, they could just take a jacket from a cupboard and put it on - who would know? Am I being pathetic? Or just being South African?


Shayne said...

I think you're being a tad paranoid.

who says that they'll even like your clothes ;)

no seriously, do you look in peoples cupboards and steal their things? no. so let's be optimistic here and expect the same of others.

or else empty your clothes cupboards and hide everthing in the bottom of your spareroom wardrobe!

hope it goes well.

Lynette said...

I am sure everything will be all right and I am sure the agent will take good care of your property. So is stressful enough living through the whole "for sale" thing:-)

Kirsty said...

uurgh! We traipsed through tons of houses when looking for our house! Be prepared: If some-one REALY likes your house, they probably will look in the wardrobes!! Not to look at your stuff... but to check out storage space and that there's no damp etc...
It feels creepy, but if you wanna sell.... then you gotta suck it up!! Good luck ;-)

allie said...

Paranoid? Stressed?
Maybe - or maybe just overly private.

And if you think this is a whinge, just wait till packing to move starts!
I don't think even I will read my own blog then . .

Jo said...

Having house sat for nearly 2 years before I left, people will look in your cupboards, to see the quality of the finishes etc. Ask the agent to escort the people if you prefer that, people generally dont like it though. Theft does happen and did just before I left - someone stole quite a bit from a house in Constantia but all the agents alert each other to watch for certain people. Ask the agent if you can stay if you like its your choice!

allie said...

Thanks Jo - but I will be far away.

Actually DH, SD and I are going to hear violinist Andre Rieu at 3 tomorrow so my thoughts will be far from whatever is going on here.

Which is a good thing.

Simply-Mel said...

People wont steal your stuff.

I think its totally wrong to look in bedroom cupboards and I LOCKED mine (in my bedroom) until people came for a second viewing or until they *asked* the agent to open it. (the agent has the key). I wasnt worried about theft is was more a privacy issue - I wonder where I got that foible from eh?

Enjoy the violin guy!

Terry said...

I didn't worry about theft when our house showed for 4 months and hundreds of people wondered through. If something was stolen, then they must have needed it worse than I did. It's been almost a year and I haven't missed it yet. I do however understand your concern.