Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Idea

Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Tracy. She offers an amazing creative service - you are invited to check out her business: Style Queen at www.stylequeen.co.za Pop over and have a look: Tracy adds this: "I can get the best quality canvas prints stretched on to quality frames that don't warp, at a good price. I do any photoshop work that needs to be done to enhance a picture without charge - as long as it is not too extensive. (Note: Most printers/designers charge R250 per hour for photoshop work) It is also possible to use fabric from your bedroom linen/cushions and high res scan that and create a work of art for your wall. Another great idea is to make your child's art into a canvas print or a collage for a canvas print. It is easy to get creative on paper and then we just scan and create art for you on canvas - there are so many possibilities. I also do layouts and print coffee table photo books. She adds: "Just for the time being though, I am not doing the decals." Sounds terrific, no? Just think what fabulous gifts something like this would make too!

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