Saturday, May 22, 2010

Me Tag

If I had to choose one pic that I felt captured who I am, this would be it!
This was on the day Mel and I finally got our new drivers licences. She hated herself in this pic and insisted I cut her out but you can still see her licence! An hilarious moment with only grandson, Hooli, on his birthday. He was eaten up with shyness at the blowing out of the candles that he had to cope with all on his own. In front of all those people. Check his body language! So funny and SO cute!
Taken at Kirstenbosch gardens the day Mel and I met Ness - just one of those happy snaps. Long time best friend, Plett resident, ex Joburgite, and moi. In front of a watercolour that I admit to deeply coveting! Now I am supposed to list five things I like about myself. Ok, casting aside my natural modesty, I will say this:
1. I like that I am friendly; find it easy to talk to strangers and am genuinely interested in what they have to say.
2. I like that my motto "The best is yet to come" means a constant sense of anticipation about life.
3. I like that I want to keep expanding my boundaries, learning new things, meeting new people.
4. I like that my Christ-following lifestyle gives every day meaning, knowing even the most mundane seeming days are part of an amazing whole picture that one day, I will see.
5. I like it that I am a good listener.
Oh! Here's another picture. Never mind - I'll just leave it up.
For anyone who wants to play: show us 5 pics of yourself that you like and list 5 things you like about our self.
I can't tag anyone cos most of my blog buds have already been tagged :=) but feel free to join in - its fun.


Jo said...

Allie you are right up there with Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy and the awe inspiring Audrey Hepburn, and I would put money on it that Cheryl Cole will one day be lucky enough to look like you!! You are beautiful inside and out. x

Lynette said...

I can agree with everything Jo said...and I haven't even met you yet...can't wait to!

Lovely photos and I love what you shared about yourself.

Simply-Mel said...

What a feel-good post! I loved reading this and I loved the photos. I am working on playing along soooon!


allie said...

Gosh Jo! I am overcome - thank you!
Um. Who is Cheryl Cole?

And thank you too, Lynette - we may meet sooner than you think. Watch this space my friend :-)

Very feel-good thing to do, Mel. I was surprised at how fun it was.
Do it. You'll like it

Terry said...

I love the idea. A very fun read today. I really enjoy the slang words you use when you blog. It probably doesn't seem like slang to you, but some of words you use, I don't have a clue what they mean. Like these two!
Actually, I get a kick out of trying to pronounce as well as figure them out. I would love to visit South Africa some day. You live in a very beautiful country.
Have a grate day!

allie said...

Hi Terry!
How funny - I never even thought about the slang I use.
"Moi" is French actually, meaning "Me"
Very pretentious of moi!

"Joburgite" - a local expression for someone who come from Johannesburg.

I hope you make it out here some day. Our country is spectacular, exciting, vibrant, edgy.
Oh yes - and beautiful, as you say.

Terry said...

Thanks Allie for clearing those up for me. As I find new ones I need to have explained, I'll post them.

Lynette said...

I am WATCHING this space in anticipation;-D