Monday, May 24, 2010

Pretend Summer

I'm missing summer - (did my new header give you a clue?) You know, the kind of weather that makes you leap out of bed, rush into any old thing just so you can get outside and "do stuff" So I decided to have a pretend summer for a few moments. Closing my eyes and drifting . . . Shorts, slip-slops, teeshirts, tousled hair, all a bit sandy. The gentle scent of suntan lotion The slight sting of mild sun burn. . . The wonderful tiredness that comes from a day in the great summer outdoors
Mmm, maybe a braai on the deck when DH comes home from squash?
It'll be a bit cooler by then.
Steaks, hopefully fillets.
Well, definitely fillets.
I have just remembered - this is my fantasy: I can have whatever I want.
Salads (piles of avo) and garlic bread, with ice cold white wine from Robertson's cellars, ice clinking in the still, warm evening air.
We'll put our feet up, basking in the last rays of the dusky sun, smoothly tanned legs shining with lotion (oh wait! I think I drifted off to sleep there - my legs haven't looked like that for a couple of decades) We'll go for a stroll on the beach later, come back and lie in the pool, chatting in the rich warm darkness. Then coffee on the deck, drowsy with enjoyment, heat, food . . . Sleep under one thin sheet, cause its too darn hot for any more than that. Aaaah! And now - Excuse me, I need to go put another jersey on And put the curry and rice on the stove.


Shayne said...

You've cooked curry & rice?

Is that real or part of your fantasy!

I too, miss summer. As soon as the sun goes, out come the fleeces, blankets and the fire is lit.

Lynette said...

We had wonderful summer weather in PE this past weekend...with NO WIND! Can you believe that? Were on the beach early yesterday...but that will be a blog post tomorrow.

Stefanie said...

Your fantasy almost makes me wish for summer, but in the mean time can I just have the curry and rice?

allie said...

Shayne and Lyn - you should have closed your eyes and come for ther ide with me!
Practical gals that you are :-)

Stef - "almost? ALMOST!"
Fantasies are supposed to make you desperate to be there too.
I will definitely have to crank up my fantasy voltage for you.
Yeah, pop round any time for the curry and we can clink a glass. :-)