Thursday, May 13, 2010

Red Alert

There seems to be a virus in Blogland. The cyber equivalent of Bird Flu. I'm hoping we are not going to have fatalities. Be alert: this is how it manufests itself: It hits the creative system first, leading to loss of imagination: next comes a sort of lethargy, where blogging just seems too much of a mission; then it moves on to the muscle structure, making it difficult to sit and type; finally, it goes into high gear, arousing fearful thoughts of wasted hours. When the virus is allowed to run its full course, the death of the blog is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Although this is a new phenomenon, and much is still unknown, the first line of treatment is: REST. Lots of rest. Don't even think about blogging. Pretend you don't know what it is. Leave your camera at home. Stop looking at life events, thinking : Ooh! this is a good blog moment!" Then AVOIDANCE Where the threat is high, avoid even the room where the computer lives. This is hard, because this treatment affects emails and (horrors!) facebook. Get up off the floor now - did you hurt yourself? Sorry, I shouldn't have dumped that on you without warning. Next QUARENTINE (sp?) Avoid people who will talk blogtalk. Or at least, avoid blogtalk - it reactivates the symptoms. Of course, none of this applies if you want to stop blogging. And who knows, after the early trauma of living as a non-blogger has passed, you may find your time has suddenly expanded. Just a thought.


Kirsty said...

hilarious!! And so true in blogland at the moment.... especially in our circle, it seems

Shayne said...

Ha so funny. Given my post today. I just feel so 'blah' about my posts - i know the readers are still there - it's just what i'm writing seems to be so ugh!

Thanks for the laugh.

Lynette said...

Love your take on it my funny friend;-)

Who knows...I might just think of something to blog about.

Simply-Mel said...

:-) yup, i find I have much to say but cant be asked! facebook is becoming my guilty pleasure and instant gratification although I will never part ways with my blog for obvious reasons.

Stefanie said...

I am missing the interactive-ness of blogging.
I don't like facebook, maybe if I did it via phone like Mel? But for now blogland in smaller doses is where I am at.
Great post though, thanks for the laugh.

Terry said...

I've been dealing with the blog land virus for some time now. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with symptoms leading up to it. Every time I think it's getting better I sit down to blog and then I realize I'm not over it yet. It's a very deceptive virus.

Have a Great Day Allie
Terry C