Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Design Blues

Is anyone else having trouble using Blogger's new Design thingy? I feel like such an idiot but I can't make head or tail of it. Help!


Stefanie said...

Yes, I can't change anything except the template - which I don't want to change. Am hoping that it is just a temporary glitch until we have full functionality again. I can't upload any html code or anything. Maybe one Mel or another techie friend will help?

Simply-Mel said...

What is the problem? What are you wanting to do that you cant do?

allie said...

@ Stef - glad I'm not alone!
@ Mel - I'll wait till you're here to show you, kay?

Lynette said...

I am not even going to try anything...I will probably manage to wipe my blog.

Love your new header.