Friday, June 11, 2010

We Felt It

I know full well that if you are not a South African our outpouring of emotion as the world comes to experience our country around soccer might be becoming a bore.
But this is a very big deal for us and we are going to embrace every wonderful moment.
What has made this spectacular is the degree of unity it has brought to the different groupings here.
It is beyond wonderful.
I think everyone is loving it and almost afraid to hope it will be a lasting thing.
This morning JD and I combed the local mall, looking for soccer paraphenalia to get with the vibe. Obviously most of the valley had had the same idea - just earlier than we did.
Not much left but we did ok.
My top (see pic) makes me look a little like a beached whale but it was R30 instead of R200. A yellow blanket turned into a poncho by cutting a hole in the middle. Flag sewed to the front and Bob's your uncle!
Later, JD, SD and their spouses and kids, DH and moi hooked up to enjoy the vibe together; first at a local eatery, then when their sound bombed, at our place.
We happily went ballistic with our tattoos, weird glasses, shirts, caps, vuvuzelas - the works.
Some embarrassing pics and video clips were taken.
I have a nasty feeling they could find their way on to FB or even into Blogworld.
We shall see.
Who could forget the sheer joy and excitement of that first goal for SA!
My grandkids looked in astonishment at the "grown ups" who were behaving like a bunch of lunatics, yelling and screaming with joy.
Hope we haven't scarred them for life.
Am also hoping that my 3 year old grandson will forget the expression he heard a lot today.
"That player sucks"
"That tackle sucks"
I have some fears about that though.
He latched on to it with great enthusiasm.
Will we forget the pain when our 'shoulda been 2nd goal' bounced off the side post?
And the devastation when Mexico scored?
Or the pride when or boys kept coming at them with such determination?
Loved it all!
Anyway, gotta go
France is playing Uruguay.
Soccer fever bites. . .


Hayley said...

Oh Allien isn't it incredible?? I am soaking up every singlw second of this awesome time.
I walk around with a constant lump in my throat!

This country is incredible!

Hayley said...

Okay, that 'n' after your name should have been a , :-)

Stefanie said...

I totally agree.

Shayne said...

I have to admit I was wondering about your oversized yellow top/blanket!

It was an incredible evening adn I just pray that this can be the beginning of some degree of political unity within our Country.

allie said...

Shayne - I totally can deal with the whale syndrome - remember how cold its getting - that blanket poncho serves that double purpose well.

Would be nice if the unity persists - have mu doubts tho. So just going to "feel it while its here" :-)